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Alexandra Grablewski

Blair's Gluten-Free Fried Shrimp

Here at FamilyFun, we're firm believers in "Mother knows best," especially when it comes to good home cooking. To celebrate Mother's Day, we've gathered a few treasured recipes from our staff and writers. These dishes, made lovingly by moms years ago, are now the stars of family meals for a new generation. Try one, and we have a hunch it will become a tradition in your family as well.

"Growing up in southern Louisiana, my siblings and I were raised on fried shrimp caught fresh from the Gulf of Mexico. But when we discovered my younger brother had gluten and dairy allergies, we had to put our family shrimp feasts on hold. That is, until my mom, Blair, created an allergy-friendly version -- and we ended up loving it even more! The brown rice flour gives the shrimp a perfect, light crunch, and the homemade tartar and cocktail sauces are easy enough for kids to put together. You can find more of my mom's recipes on her blog,"

-- Jordan DeFrank, Editorial Assistant

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Alexandra Grablewski

Terry's Spinach Casserole

"Every holiday, my mom was sure to set this casserole on the table. The green of the spinach and the red of the pimientos added color to the meal, especially amidst all the potatoes and rolls. A bonus: my siblings and I weren't aware we were eating spinach until we were older. Now I serve this dish year-round, as a main course with salad on a vegetarian night or as a side dish for Sunday family dinners."

-- Lee M. Woodruff, FamilyFun writer and author of Those We Love Most

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Alexandra Grablewski

Evelyn's Texas Chili

"Every year, for our neighborhood's chili cook-off, my mom, Evelyn, and her best friend, Colleen, made similar recipes featuring ground beef and ranch-style beans, a Southwestern staple often flavored with onions, peppers, and spices. Mom or Colleen almost always won. (One of Mom's secrets: make the dish ahead so the flavors blend.) When Colleen moved away, my mother was very nicely asked to stop entering so that someone else could win!"

-- Mary Giles, Deputy Editor

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Alexandra Grablewski

Harriet's Grasshopper Pie

"This pretty pie was my mom's go-to dessert. She made it for every special occasion: parties, bridge club, church potlucks, and more. When we came home as adults to visit, it was the one dish my siblings and I would insist she make. With its light, chiffonlike texture, the minty treat has become such a family tradition that my eldest son, Cooper, asked me to serve it (complete with plastic grasshoppers on top!) for his bug-themed fifth-birthday party!"

-- Ellen Harter Wall, Senior Associate Editor

Originally published in the May 2013 issue of FamilyFun magazine.

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