Make meals a family affair with ideas for healthy foods and fun recipes that kids will ask for over and over again. Plus advice for how to deal with a picky eater, tips on food safety, and quick-and-easy dinners that help you make the most of your time and your budget.

5 Fresh (Lettuce-Free!) Salad Recipes

Lose the lettuce! If your kids skip salad because of the greens, lure them with other veggies plus fruit, nuts, and cheese.

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The 10 Best Family Restaurants

Feel like going out to eat tonight? Parents polled more than 50 of the largest full-service or buffet-style restaurant chains to see which cater best to families and to find out what they're feeding the kids.

Tuna & White Bean Wraps

No-cook wraps are a great choice when you're looking for a quick and easy dinner recipe. Use tomato or spinach tortillas to wrap up the tuna, bean, and tomato salad dressed with a lemony vinaigrette.

6 Kid-Friendly Pancake Upgrades

Let your kids create their own pancake breakfast with these yummy mix-in ideas.

Slow-Cooker Recipes to Feed a Crowd

Enlist your Crock-Pot for easy eats on game day. With these mouthwatering Super Bowl recipes to enjoy your guests will all be winners, no matter who they're cheering for. Touchdown!

10 Family-Friendly Foods You'll Be Surprised You Can Grill

Your grill is capable of cooking up so much more than just burgers and dogs (not that there's anything wrong with those!). This summer, make the most of outdoor cooking with these 10 foods that turn out great on the grill.

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

See how to turn store-bought ice cream sandwiches into one impressive (and easy!) dessert.

How to Win at Grocery Shopping With Kids

Do you dread grocery shopping with your kids? Learn how to make the trip go more smoothly with these expert tips, from parking your car close to the shopping carts to setting up expectations in advance.

4 Kid-Friendly Spring Recipes

Say hello to spring with kid-friendly recipes that feature the season's finest picks.

Banana Berry Sorbet

No ice-cream machine is required for this summer cool-off treat. Plus, kids can customize it with their favorite flavors.

Kiddie Kabobs

Nothing's more fun than food on a stick. We came up with grilled and no-cook skewer combos that even picky eaters will go for.

Best Meals to Clean Out Your Fridge

It's the end of the week. Your refrigerator is practically empty...except for the bit of cheese, a single scallion, a handful of spinach, and a couple of slices of ham. Sure, you could order pizza, or you could save cash and calories by whipping up one of these easy meals perfect for using up leftovers. We suggest recipes here, but don't be afraid to just use them as a template and sub in whatever you have in your fridge. That's the whole point, right?

Get Creative with Dinner

Unleash your kids' culinary imagination with fun, healthy, mix-and-match meals.

Cranberry-Apricot Granola Bars

Serve these whole grain and fruit bars for a take and go breakfast or an after school snack.

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