Meet Catherine McCord: An Interview With the Food Blogger

The Weelicious blogger and Parents contributor speaks with us about her website, her kids, and cooking healthy.
Catherine McCord

Courtesy of Catherine McCord

Parents: How easy or difficult has it been for you to make naturally healthy foods that your kids like?

Catherine McCord: I find it easy to make naturally healthy foods for my family and kids because I try to keep my recipes simple. As long as the recipes I make are easy, fast, and fresh, everyone gets excited about eating them. The more you can get your kids involved (from the shopping to the cooking), the more likely they are to eat the food -- they feel some ownership over what goes in their mouths.

Parents: If your kids don't like a recipe of yours, what's the first ingredient you reach for to make it more appealing to them?

CM: I rarely serve my kids foods that I don't think they'll like. So much of cooking for kids is preparing it in a shape or size that's appropriate for them. On the occasion they don't want to eat it, I'll give them a shaker filled with salt-free seasoning or sesame seeds to get them involved and let them make it their own.

Parents: What inspired you to start Weelicious?

CM: I went to culinary school, worked in restaurants and cooked for family and friends, but when I had my son, I didn't know where to start. Weelicious began as a blog of homemade baby food recipes, feeding tips, and ideas. As my son and our family grew, so did the website. I wanted to understand the psychology of what gets kids excited about eating and how to make them healthy eaters from day one!

Parents: How did you establish a following for your site?

CM: Weelicious started with a few friends following and slowly grew over the years to the millions that follow now. Weelicious covers everything from baby and toddler food to school lunches and sweet treats. Every Monday to Friday for the past 3 ½ years I've posted an original recipe and cooking video to show people how much fun it can be to cook and eat as a family. There's something for everyone as long as you want simple recipes that are fun to make and eat!

Parents: What is your favorite recipe to make with your kids?

CM: My favorite recipe... yikes, that's tough! I really love switching it up so they get a variety of fresh foods and never get bored. We buy 80% of the food we eat at our local farmers market, so the kids actually get really excited about the fruit and veggies that are in season. Right now yellow watermelon and red onions are my son's obsessions!

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