How to Make Fruit Purees for Babies

Homemade fruit purees are filled with essential vitamins and nutrients for your baby. Learn how to make 13 favorites at home with our easy step-by-step guides.

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Ivee Stephens

Homemade Fruit Purees

Babies typically start fruit with their morning meal after they've tried several green and yellow veggies. Rather than buying baby food at the store, consider making your baby's fruit purees at home. There are many advantages to the DIY approach, including knowing exactly what's in your baby's food and saving money since store-bought baby food tends to be more expensive than homemade.

Click on the following slides to learn how to make 13 popular fruit purees. We'll also tell you how to freeze leftover fruit puree, and what to mix with it once your baby is ready to try combination purees. Be sure to wait 3 to 4 days between new foods in case of an allergic reaction.

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Ivee Stephens

Baby Applesauce

4+ months

Mild, sweet applesauce made from Red Delicious or Gala apples is a popular first fruit for babies. Most babies enjoy it, and it's filled with vitamin C and fiber. Plus, studies suggest that apples might offer powerful protection against asthma. This versatile fruit pairs well with other fruit, veggie, meat, and poultry purees.

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Ivee Stephens

Banana Puree

4+ months

Potassium-rich bananas are another ideal first fruit for babies. Banana puree can help soothe upset tummies and combat diarrhea. It's creamy and sweet and balances purees made from tart fruits such as blueberries and strawberries.

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Baby Food: Butternut Apple Sweet Potato Puree

When your baby is ready for a blend, cook up this delicious fruit and vegetable puree. Catherine McCord of Weelicious shows you how easy it is.

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Ivee Stephens

Peach Puree

4+ months

Filled with beta-carotene and potassium, sweet peach is another baby favorite. You can serve it alone, mix it with chicken or banana, or stir it into rich and creamy Greek yogurt.

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Ivee Stephens

Nectarine Puree

4+ months

Similar to peaches -- nectarines have smooth skin while peaches have fuzz -- this luscious fruit offers beta-carotene and potassium, and you don't have to cook it before pureeing. Mix it with anything you'd add peach to.

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Ivee Stephens

Pear Puree

4+ months

Sweet, fiber-rich pear is hard for many babies to resist. It's also a delicious way to make certain veggies more appealing; for example, sweet pear puree takes away the ick-factor of green beans when mixed with Greek yogurt and green bean puree.

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Baby Food: Spinach and Banana Puree

There is no cooking required for this delicious vitamin and mineral-rich puree.

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Ivee Stephens

Avocado Puree

4+ months

Packed with omega-3s, avocado puree is quick to fix (no cooking required), and it's a hit when served alone or mixed with fresh banana puree.

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Ivee Stephens

Plum Puree

6+ months

A natural defense against constipation, this fiber-filled puree is a pleasing combination of sweet and tart flavors. Make it with fresh plums or pitted prunes.

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Ivee Stephens

Apricot Puree

6+ months

Tangy and filled with beta-carotene, apricots make a serendipitous match with sweet potatoes, bananas, and apples.

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Baby Food: Pear & Banana Puree

Your baby will love this sweet and creamy puree. It's so good don't be surprised if you find yourself taste-testing more than is absolutely necessary.

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Ivee Stephens

Blueberry Puree

6+ months

This powerhouse, antioxidant-rich fruit makes a beautiful, deep purple puree that's slightly tart to very tart, depending on the berries. Mix it with banana, apple, or pear for an easy breakfast fruit.

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Ivee Stephens

Cherry Puree

8+ months

Antioxidant-rich cherry puree pairs perfectly with banana, apple, and pear purees. You can also mix it with oatmeal or plain yogurt.

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Ivee Stephens

Strawberry Puree

8+ months

Summer's biggest star blends into a pinkish-red puree that's bursting with B and C vitamins. Mix it with banana to take plain yogurt or oatmeal from ho-hum to irresistible.

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Choose a Baby Food Maker

With so many gadgets on the market it can be hard to decide which appliance makes the most sense for you. In this video our editor shows you several options.

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Ivee Stephens

Mango Puree

10+ months

This luscious tropical fruit has lots of vitamin A, and it's especially easy to make since you don't have to cook it before pureeing it. It mixes well with sweeter veggies such as butternut squash and sweet potato.

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Ivee Stephens

Papaya Puree

10+ months

Another juicy tropical fruit, papaya is filled with folate and is an easy, no-cook puree that can add pizzazz to rice cereal or banana puree.

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