Sportsstuff Wego Kite Tube Recalled

July 13, 2006
Sporting Goods
The Danger:
The Wego Kite Tube is being recalled due to the report of two deaths and various injuries to users, including a broken neck, punctured lung, chest and back injuries, and facial injuries. Sportsstuff has been unable to determine the cause of the incidents. Nevertheless, the company has withdrawn the kite tube from the market out of caution.
This recall involves about 19,000 Sportsstuff Wego Kite Tubes, which are 10-foot-wide, circular, yellow inflatable watercrafts designed to be towed behind a power boat. A rider in the tube becomes airborne by pulling on handles attached to the floor of the tube. Model 53-5000 is printed on the tube near the product valve. The floor of the tube has black caution warning stripes. The cover for the product bears a skull and crossbones and the statement "Never Kite higher than you are willing to fall."
Sold At:
Marine distributors, mail order catalogs, and various retailers from approximately October 1, 2005, to July 11, 2006, for about $500 to $600.
What To Do:
Stop using the kite tubes and contact Sportsstuff at (866) 831-5524 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CST Monday through Friday to learn how to obtain free replacement products, or visit for more information.
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