Pacifiers & Teething Recalls

When something spends as much time in your baby's mouth as a pacifier or teething ring, parents want to trust that it's safe for their child. The Product Recall Finder has the latest information and photos on baby gear recalls. Many of these recalled pacifiers and teething rings contain small parts that can break and cause a choking hazard for babies. Find out more about recent recalls from Infantino, It's My Binky, Bright Starts, and more.

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Product Name Company/Brand Category Recall Date
Chewbeads Pacifier Clips photo Chewbeads Pacifier Clips Chewbeads Inc. Pacifiers & Teething Sep 29, 2015
Go Gaga Squeeze & Teethe Coco the Monkey Teething Toys photo Go Gaga Squeeze & Teethe Coco the Monkey Teething Toys Infantino LLC Pacifiers & Teething Feb 20, 2014
Fred & Friends Infant Pacifiers photo Fred & Friends Infant Pacifiers Fred & Friends Pacifiers & Teething Jan 30, 2014
Playtex Pacifier Holder Clips photo Playtex Pacifier Holder Clips Playtex Products Inc. Pacifiers & Teething Jan 22, 2014
CareBears Pacifiers photo CareBears Pacifiers IDM Group LLC Pacifiers & Teething Aug 23, 2012
Pampers Natural Stages Pacifiers photo Pampers Natural Stages Pacifiers Key Baby LLC Pacifiers & Teething Apr 6, 2011
Cool-It Soother Teething Rings photo Cool-It Soother Teething Rings Calisson Inc. Pacifiers & Teething Jan 12, 2011
Karino Baby Pacifiers photo Karino Baby Pacifiers Antonio Flores Pacifiers & Teething Jul 20, 2010
"Bobby Chupete" Pacifiers Grand World Inc. Pacifiers & Teething Nov 18, 2009
"My Baby Soother" Pacifiers T & L Trading Corp. Pacifiers & Teething Oct 26, 2009
Gromex Pacifiers photo Gromex Pacifiers Gromex Inc. Pacifiers & Teething Jul 7, 2009
Zoo Pacifiers photo Zoo Pacifiers Healthtex Pacifiers & Teething Apr 7, 2009
Baby Necessities Pacifiers photo Baby Necessities Pacifiers OKK Trading Pacifiers & Teething Mar 24, 2009
Flashing Pacifiers photo Flashing Pacifiers Top Goods Trading Pacifiers & Teething Jan 13, 2009
It's My Binky Personalized Pacifiers photo It's My Binky Personalized Pacifiers It's My Binky Pacifiers & Teething Jul 22, 2008
Tumble Tower Infant Rattles photo Tumble Tower Infant Rattles Manhattan Group Toys & Games, Pacifiers & Teething May 15, 2008
Infantino Lamb Grabby Rattles photo Infantino Lamb Grabby Rattles Infantino Pacifiers & Teething, Toys & Games Mar 5, 2008
Elegant Baby Sterling Silver Teether Rings photo Elegant Baby Sterling Silver Teether Rings Elegant Baby and Baby Needs Pacifiers & Teething Jan 31, 2008
BabyTown Pacifiers photo BabyTown Pacifiers Shims Bargain Pacifiers & Teething Jan 10, 2008
Sterling Silver Teething Rings photo Sterling Silver Teething Rings Empire Silver Company Pacifiers & Teething Dec 21, 2007
Infantino Lion Infant Teethers photo Infantino Lion Infant Teethers Infantino Pacifiers & Teething Dec 13, 2007
Flashing Pacifiers photo Flashing Pacifiers Sailing (U.S.) International Toys & Games, Pacifiers & Teething Nov 21, 2007
Target Plush Boys Rattles photo Target Plush Boys Rattles Target Toys & Games, Pacifiers & Teething Oct 2, 2007
Priddy Priddy "Trucks" Shaker Teether Books St. Martin's Press, LLC Books & Videos, Pacifiers & Teething Aug 23, 2007
Pacifiers Decorated with Crystals photo Pacifiers Decorated with Crystals Dara Linda's Baby Bling and Jewelry Design, Bling Toes, Baby Bling Things, PeaNapod Bling and Accessories and MJM Crystal Designs Pacifiers & Teething Jul 26, 2007

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