Miscellaneous Recalls

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Product Name Company/Brand Category Recall Date
Fish Coin Banks photo Fish Coin Banks TJ Promotions Miscellaneous Jan 10, 2008
Hanging Photo Frames photo Hanging Photo Frames The Gift Wrap Miscellaneous Jan 16, 2008
Hillbilly Fake Teeth photo Hillbilly Fake Teeth FUNTASTIC Miscellaneous Apr 10, 2008
Pirates of the Caribbean Sleeping Bags photo Pirates of the Caribbean Sleeping Bags Disney Store Miscellaneous May 22, 2008
Dollar General Frankenstein Tumblers photo Dollar General Frankenstein Tumblers Dollar General Merchandising Miscellaneous Oct 4, 2007
Halloween Pails photo Halloween Pails Family Dollar Stores Miscellaneous Oct 25, 2007
Halloween Skull Pails photo Halloween Skull Pails R.L. Albert & Son Miscellaneous Oct 17, 2007
J.C. Penney Christmas Ornament J.C. Penney Miscellaneous Oct 11, 2007
American Greetings Confetti Bursts photo American Greetings Confetti Bursts American Greetings Corp. Miscellaneous Nov 29, 2007
Halloween Baskets photo Halloween Baskets Hobby Lobby Stores Miscellaneous Nov 16, 2007
Holiday Ornaments photo Holiday Ornaments Reeves International Miscellaneous Nov 28, 2007
Limited Too Girls' Gift Sets photo Limited Too Girls' Gift Sets Tween Brands Miscellaneous Nov 1, 2007
Reading and Math Aids RR Donnelley Miscellaneous Jan 31, 2008
Children's Stationery Sets photo Children's Stationery Sets Tri-Star International Miscellaneous Mar 13, 2007
Dollar General Metal Key Chains photo Dollar General Metal Key Chains Dollar General Merchandising Jewelry & Accessories, Miscellaneous Apr 3, 2007
First Birthday Party Hats photo First Birthday Party Hats Creative Expressions Miscellaneous Jun 7, 2007
Fairy Dust Pendants and Candle Charms photo Fairy Dust Pendants and Candle Charms Benjamin International Miscellaneous Sep 3, 2008
Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Kits photo Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Kits Paper Magic Group Miscellaneous Oct 24, 2006
Wal-Mart Christmas Mug Gift Sets photo Wal-Mart Christmas Mug Gift Sets Wal-Mart Miscellaneous Dec 19, 2006
M&M's Menorah photo M&M's Menorah Masterfoods USA Miscellaneous May 10, 2006
Multipurpose Lighters photo Multipurpose Lighters YMCA Trading Miscellaneous Oct 23, 2008
Forever-Glo Nite Lites photo Forever-Glo Nite Lites American Tack & Hardware Miscellaneous Mar 8, 2006
Little Tikes Animal Flashlights photo Little Tikes Animal Flashlights The Little Tikes Miscellaneous Mar 1, 2006
Green Mountain Vista Window Blinds photo Green Mountain Vista Window Blinds Green Mountain Vista Miscellaneous Nov 20, 2008
Ikea Roman Blinds photo Ikea Roman Blinds IKEA Home Furnishings Miscellaneous Nov 20, 2008

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