Dorel Juvenile Group Infant, Convertible, and Booster Child Restraint Systems Recalled

February 15, 2011
High Chairs & Boosters
Dorel Juvenile Group
The Danger:
The harness locking and release button does not always return to its locked position. A button that is not in the locked position can allow the harness adjustment strap to slip back through the adjuster as a child moves around in the seat and results in a loose harness. Therefore, the child may not be adequately protected and is at an increased risk for injury if the vehicle they're riding in crashes.
This recall involves about 794,247 certain infant, convertible, and booster child restraint systems which were sold both as stand-alone seats or part of a travel system (with stroller). Child restraint systems included in this recall begin with model numbers 22077, 22078, 22148, 22149, 22150, 22152, 22154, 22155, 22158, 22159, 22172, 22177, 22178, 22185, 22188, 22195, 22356, 22371, 22372, 22412, 22439, 22452, 22453, 22456, 22458, 22459, 22462, 22465, 22469, 22476, 22486, 22546, 22547, 22553, 22554, 22561, 22564, 22567, 22574, 22580, 22657, 22740, 22741, 22755, 22758, 22759, 22790, 22799, 22880, 22560, 22346, 17439, 22449, 22475, and IC072, manufactured from May 1, 2008, through April 30, 2009.
What To Do:
Registered owners will receive a free remedy kit consisting of a small tube of non-toxic, food-grade lubricant to be applied to the center front adjuster (CFA) to prevent sticking and allow it to properly engage the CFA strap. Instructions on how to apply the lubricant will be provided, along with a label to indicate that the repair has been completed. Non-registered owners should contact the company toll-free at 866-623-3139 or email Consumers will need the entire model number on the child restraint when contacting the manufacturer.
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