Bissinger's Dark Chocolate Bunny Ears Recalled

April 10, 2014
Karl Bissinger's LLC
The Danger:
Bissinger's Dark Chocolate Bunny Ears are being recalled because one lot was mislabeled and contains undeclared milk. People who have a severe sensitivity to milk run the risk of a serious or life threatening reaction if they consume this product. The recall was initiated after a customer discovered milk chocolate products in the dark chocolate product packaging. The dark chocolate labels do not list milk as an ingredient. No adverse reactions have been reported to date for a milk allergen in association with this product.
Bissinger's Dark Chocolate Bunny Ears are packaged in a clear film with an ingredient card.

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What To Do:
Destroy product and report affected quantities to Bissinger's for a full refund. Customers may call the company toll-free at 800-325-8881.
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