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How safe are the shirts, pants and pajamas in your child's closet and drawers? Hundreds of children's clothes are recalled every year because they contain drawstrings that can pose strangulation hazards, have small parts that detach and cause choking problems, fail to meet flammability standards, and more. Check the Product Recall Finder to help you stay up-to-date on the latest children's clothing recalls. Find out about recent recalls from Payless, Wal-Mart, Nordstrom, Gap, and more.

252 recalls found. Click on a product for more recall details:

Product Name Company/Brand Category Recall Date
Cub Scouts Totem Badges photo Cub Scouts Totem Badges Kahoot Products Clothing Oct 9, 2008
Girls' Sandals photo Girls' Sandals Rack Room Shoes Clothing Oct 8, 2008
Target Circo Bobbie Socks photo Target Circo Bobbie Socks Target Clothing Sep 3, 2008
Children's Hooded Sweaters photo Children's Hooded Sweaters Empress Arts Clothing Sep 2, 2008
Hooded Sweatshirts and Jackets photo Hooded Sweatshirts and Jackets Orioxi International Clothing Aug 28, 2008
Sun Smarties Children's Board Skirts photo Sun Smarties Children's Board Skirts Chelsea & Scott Clothing Aug 12, 2008
Children's Drawstring Hoodie Sweatshirts photo Children's Drawstring Hoodie Sweatshirts Request Jeans Clothing Aug 6, 2008
Children's Hooded Sweatshirts photo Children's Hooded Sweatshirts Raw Blue Sportswear Clothing Aug 6, 2008
BongoCheetah Girls' Jackets photo BongoCheetah Girls' Jackets Kids with Character Clothing Aug 6, 2008
Taggies Sleep'n Play Onesies photo Taggies Sleep'n Play Onesies Rashti & Rashti Clothing Jul 1, 2008
Coolibar Children's Sun Block Jackets and Hoodies photo Coolibar Children's Sun Block Jackets and Hoodies Coolibar Clothing Jun 27, 2008
Nordstrom Girls' Sandals photo Nordstrom Girls' Sandals Meyeworld Clothing Jun 24, 2008
Children's Overalls photo Children's Overalls Sara Lynn Togs Clothing Jun 12, 2008
Boys' Camouflage Pajama Sets photo Boys' Camouflage Pajama Sets The Children's Place Retail Stores Clothing Jun 10, 2008
Boys' Hooded Zip Fleece Sweatshirts photo Boys' Hooded Zip Fleece Sweatshirts Adio Footwear Clothing May 28, 2008
Squeeze Kids Girls' Corduroy Hooded Jackets photo Squeeze Kids Girls' Corduroy Hooded Jackets Maran Clothing May 15, 2008
Children's Rain Ponchos photo Children's Rain Ponchos Daiso Clothing May 12, 2008
Avon Infant Santa Outfits photo Avon Infant Santa Outfits Avon Products Clothing Apr 24, 2008
Children's Hooded Sweatshirts and Jackets Brents-Riordan Clothing Apr 2, 2008
Boys' Hooded Sweatshirts photo Boys' Hooded Sweatshirts High Energy USA Clothing Mar 28, 2008
Boys' Hooded Sweatshirts from Nordstrom photo Boys' Hooded Sweatshirts from Nordstrom Urgent Gear Clothing Mar 11, 2008
Girls' Hooded Sweatshirts photo Girls' Hooded Sweatshirts Rebelette International Trading Clothing Mar 5, 2008
Karl Kani Boys' Sweatshirts Siegfried & Parzifal Clothing Feb 13, 2008
Nordstrom Children's Sweatshirts photo Nordstrom Children's Sweatshirts Seventy Two Clothing Feb 6, 2008
Marshalls Girls' Hooded Jackets photo Marshalls Girls' Hooded Jackets Apollo Jeans Clothing Jan 31, 2008

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