Circo Childrens' Travel Cases Recalled

December 22, 2011
Target Corporation
The Danger:
The surface coating on the travel cases contain excessive levels of lead, violating the federal lead paint standard.
The Circo brand label is found on the fabric handle attached to the top of the travel case. The girls' version has a heart/butterfly/daisy pattern on either a pink or teal background with a plush butterfly attached to the zipper pull. The boys' version has a pattern of three jet planes in red/blue/green on a red or blue airplane-patterned background with a blue plush jet plane attached to the zipper pull. Travel cases covered by this recall include:
Style description: Circo girls' 17" travel case -- pink or teal
UPC number: 618842135844
Date codes: Beginning with 01/11 thru 08/11
Style description: Circo boys' 17" travel case -- red or blue
UPC number: 618842135868
Date codes: Beginning with 01/11 thru 08/11
Sold At:
Target stores nationwide and from April 2011 through August 2011 for approximately $21.
What To Do:
Immediately stop using the product and return it to any Target store for a refund. Contact the company toll-free at (800) 440-0680 or visit
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