Volkswagen Jetta Hybrids Recalled

November 14, 2013
Volkswagen of America, Inc.
The Danger:
In the affected Jetta Hybrids, electric malfunctions could occur in the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox power supply if synthetic gearbox oil is used. This applies in particular if the vehicle is subject to a hot and humid climate, coupled with a high proportion of stop and go driving.
The recall includes 3,836 2013-2014 model year Volkswagen Jetta Hybrids.
Sold At:
Car dealerships nationwide.
What To Do:
Arrange for an appointment with an authorized Volkswagen dealer. At no cost to customers, dealers will replace the existing synthetic gearbox oil with a new mineral-based oil with non-corrosive additives. For more information, contact Jeannine Ginivan, Corporate Communications Specialist for Volkswagen, by phone at (703) 364-7816 or by email at
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