Stages of Pregnancy Week by Week

What My Baby Looks Like in Week 5

You're probably starting to notice a few signs of pregnancy now, and you can see how your baby is beginning to develop from a tadpole-like shape in this week five photo.

Pregnancy-related symptoms may begin at this stage. These include nausea, fatigue, increased urinary frequency, and tender breasts. It may also be normal to experience no symptoms at this stage. The growing embryo is still only about the size of an apple seed and is shaped like a small tadpole. Within the embryo, the heart is starting to divide into chambers and tiny cardiac cells are beginning to contract. Once derived from a yolk sac, oxygen and nutrients will soon be delivered from the uterus to the embryo by the umbilical cord.
Illustrations Courtesy of the Sprout Pregnancy App

Illustrations Courtesy of the Sprout Pregnancy App

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