Stages of Pregnancy Week by Week

What My Baby Looks Like in Week 38

Get an inside look at your baby-to-be inside the womb in week 39 -- she likely weighs about 7 pounds by now, and soon you'll get to meet her.

Your baby is still getting heavier each day. By now he or she usually weighs close to 7 pounds with a maximum height of approximately 20 inches. Your baby has spent some time swallowing proteins in the amniotic fluid which will help form the first bowel movements. The first bowel movement after birth is called meconium which is typically thicker and darker than subsequent newborn movements. Immunoglobulins (also called antibodies) will help your baby fight infections throughout the baby's life. Until now, these important proteins have been delivered to your baby via the umbilical cord but will soon be provided through breast milk. Your baby's digestive system has not fully developed, in part because it has not yet begun processing food. The first taste of breast milk after birth will help the baby's digestion develop further.
Illustrations Courtesy of the Sprout Pregnancy App

Illustrations Courtesy of the Sprout Pregnancy App

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