Stages of Pregnancy Week by Week

What My Baby Looks Like in Week 37

By week 37 your baby is now considered full term, as most of the major fetal development has been completed.

Congratulations! Babies born at this stage are considered full term, weighing about 6½ pounds and measuring an average of 19 inches long. Babies born with blue or light gray eye color will often become darker over the subsequent six months as the eye's iris gains more pigmentation. At this stage, baby boy's testes have usually descended into the scrotum. Baby girl's vagina, clitoris and labia majora are now well-developed. In preparation for life outside the womb, your baby continues to practice breathing, moving around, sucking its thumb and blinking.
Illustrations Courtesy of the Sprout Pregnancy App

Illustrations Courtesy of the Sprout Pregnancy App

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