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What My Baby Looks Like in Week 35

Check out how baby-to-be is moving inside the womb during week 35, gradually moving his head downward to get ready for birth.

Your developing baby continues to grow rapidly. This week he or she is about 5½ pounds and about 18 inches from head to toe. Studies show that if your baby were to be born at this stage he or she would probably do very well, with little to no long-term health issues. As your baby prepares for delivery after about week 33, he or she will usually begin gradually rotating his or her head downward towards the birth canal. This is known as the head down position. Your baby is mostly developed now with the majority of its effort geared towards rapid weight gain. The skin is now less wrinkled as your baby gains even more body fat.
Illustrations Courtesy of the Sprout Pregnancy App

Illustrations Courtesy of the Sprout Pregnancy App

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