Stages of Pregnancy Week by Week

What My Baby Looks Like in Week 32

By week 32 of your pregnancy, as you can see in the photo, the fetus is looking more and more like a newborn.

Your baby continues to rapidly grow and put on weight. He or she is about 17 inches long and now weighs about 3¾ pounds. As your baby's circulation continues to improve and the body gains more fat, he or she can regulate body temperature better and may start to shed the fine layer of hair called lanugo. More hair is starting to grow on the top of your baby's head and, due to increased pigmentation resulting from more melanin production, it now has some color. Your baby's skeletal muscles are growing stronger and the bones are hardening even more. He or she is looking more like a newborn every day.
Illustrations Courtesy of the Sprout Pregnancy App

Illustrations Courtesy of the Sprout Pregnancy App

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