Pregnancy Week 9

As you begin your third month, your baby is beginning to move around. Find out how he's developing this week plus what to expect at your first OB exam.

Watch Your Baby's Growth

Embryo to Fetus: Weeks 9 to 12 of Pregnancy
Embryo to Fetus: Weeks 9 to 12 of Pregnancy

You're well into your first trimester at this point, and your baby is growing bigger and bigger each day. Watch what it takes for her to become a fetus.

Your Changing Body

You may feel dizzy or urinate more often because of your increased blood volume, which can also cause your veins to bulge a bit or even lead to nosebleeds. As uncomfortable and unpleasant as these are, that extra blood is keeping your baby healthy and safe, so soldier on, mama!

Your Developing Baby

Your baby's head is probably about the same size as the rest of his or her body. Your little one is developing his or her organs--including the very reproductive organs that could make your baby a parent one day!

Your Pregnancy

Your little one is getting bigger every day, and since you're well into your first trimester, you're starting to get the hang of this whole pregnancy thing. But you may experience some discomfort nonetheless.

Your Week 9 To-Do List

1. Consider eco-friendly household cleaners.

An Inside Look

Take a unique look at Baby's development inside the womb this week.

Your Pregnancy Calendar

Organize your doctor's appointments, save your ultrasound photos, and more--all in one place!

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