Working Smart and Safe

Working Smart, continued

Work stresses. If your work is especially physical, hazardous, or stressful, talk with your doctor about whether your job duties will put your baby at risk. For instance, are you required to do any heavy lifting, standing, or walking? During your 1st trimester, your provider might suggest cutting back on your hours or duties. And if you have trouble with balance as your pregnancy progresses, you might want to stop working during the last few weeks. In addition, if you're exposed to potential hazards, such as toxic substances or X-rays, your provider might suggest that you request a reassignment to an area that's safer for you and your baby.

Just as high levels of stress aren't good for your baby, they're not good for your health either, so it's important to organize your work schedule so that you can rest more during the day and keep regular hours. Work out interpersonal problems as well, because they can add to stress on the job.

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