Pregnancy Week 6

Discover how your baby is developing in week six. Now is the time to start deciding where you want to deliver your baby and who will be a part of your superstar birth team.

Watch Your Baby's Growth

An Embryo Forms: Weeks 4 to 8 of Pregnancy
An Embryo Forms: Weeks 4 to 8 of Pregnancy

Chances are you have no idea you're pregnant yet¿but your body is already hard at work. Watch as the egg undergoes its wondrous transformation to embryo.

Your Changing Body

You're probably dealing not only with mood swings and sore breasts now, but also nausea and possibly diarrhea, too. Great, right? But remember that there's an amazing reward for all this work!

Your Developing Baby

Your baby has tripled in size and now has a regular heartbeat--and it's about twice as fast as the average adult heart rate! His or her brainwaves can also be recorded at six weeks.

Your Pregnancy

Even though the rest of the world may not know that you're expecting (yet), you sure do, because the effects of pregnancy are here in full force now. Some of them are wonderful and some of them might not be so pleasant.

Your Week 6 To-Do List

1. If you're ready, share the news with family.

An Inside Look

Take a unique look at Baby's development inside the womb this week.

Your Pregnancy Calendar

Organize your doctor's appointments, save your ultrasound photos, and more--all in one place!

Ask Parents About Week 6

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Everything in Pregnancy Week 6

More About Your Pregnancy in Week 6

Your Baby

Your Body

  • Getting Enough Fluids

    During pregnancy your blood volume will swell 40 percent higher -- that's about 4 pounds of your pregnancy weight. So, it is crucial th...

  • Surviving Morning Sickness

    Morning -- or all day -- sickness is the bane of so many pregnant women. Learn why it occurs and how you can manage your symptoms.

  • The Dangers of Secondhand Smoke

    The chemicals in second-hand smoke are dangerous to your growing baby. Avoid being around smoke and smokers as much as possible during ...

  • Sleep Deprivation

    Growing a baby takes a lot out of you, especially in early pregnancy! Try to rest as much as you can.

Your Self

  • Birthplace Options

    Hospital, birthing center, at home? It isn't too early to start considering where you and your partner will bring your new baby into th...

  • Choosing Your Birth Team

    It may feel too early, but it is a good idea to start considering who'll be in your delivery room when baby arrives.

Diet & Exercise

  • Dealing with Eating Disorders

    If you've had an eating disorder prior to pregnancy, experts say that you're more likely to develop pregnancy complications. Now is the...

  • Your Exercise Routine

    Although you may not feel like hitting the gym, exercise during pregnancy is important for both you and baby.

  • Exercising At Your Level

    As you practice healthy pregnancy fitness, be sure to stay within your pre-pregnancy workout level and carefully balance your calorie i...

  • Is One Drink Okay?

    It may feel like no fun to abstain from alcohol during pregnancy, but it is crucial to the health of your growing baby.

  • The Power of Protein

    A major building block for your baby's body, protien should be an essential part of your diet during pregnancy. Here's how much you sho...

  • Your Calcium Needs

    Don't count on getting this essential nutrient from your prenatal vitamin! Here's how to ensure you're getting enough and from the righ...

Q & A

  • Q&A: Choosing a Doctor

    Your doctor during pregnancy will be a mainline of support and information. Here's how to make sure you connect with the best choice fo...

  • Q&A: Why Don't I Have Morning Sickness?

    Don't worry if you're not feeling the waves of nausea that affect so many pregnant women. You're one of the luck 25 percent that aren't...

  • Q&A: How Much Weight is Too Much?

    Trying to find a healthy balance between gaining the right amount of weight or too much weight during your pregnancy can be tricky. He...