Baby's First Pediatric Visit

Learn what to expect during your baby's very first pediatric check up.

Your baby should have had his first checkup no more than 24 hours after his birth, and his doctor should also have visited you in the hospital or birth center to tell you what to expect over the next few weeks.

At your baby's next doctor visit -- which will take place within 1 week of his birth -- the pediatrician will weigh him. Don't be surprised if she actually weighs up to 10 percent less than at birth! He will gain the weight back (and more) by his second week of life. Your doctor will also measure your baby's length and head circumference. He'll check your baby's reflexes to assess his motor development, listen to his heart and lungs, and feel his belly for obstructions.

Your doctor will want to know how the baby is eating and sleeping, and he'll ask how you're doing too. Be prepared with a list of your own questions about car seats, smoking, crying, and more. You'll get a chance to ask these questions both now and at your baby's one-month checkup. In fact, you'll have lots of opportunities to chat with your pediatrician; most babies see their doctors at least five times in the first year of life.

Originally published in You & Your Baby: Pregnancy.

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