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If your baby is breastfed, she'll eat up to every two hours over a 24-hour period. Formula-fed babies need to eat about every three hours. In other words, there's a reason you're not getting the laundry done: You may have to sit down for four to six hours a day to feed your baby! It's OK: Let the house go. Holding and feeding your baby are among the most important things you can do. Your baby's tiny stomach can hold only about 3 ounces of milk at a time, and she's growing so fast -- an ounce a day -- that her metabolism burns it off in a few hours. Then she's ready for more. Use your feeding times to talk or sing to your baby. By becoming attached to you, your baby will become a more confident, resilient child and adult later on.

No matter how hard you work to satisfy your baby's every need, you can expect her to whimper, sob, or even how for up to three hours a day. Colicky babies may cry even more than this. Crying is your baby's way of getting her needs met. She needs you to know that she's wet, tired, or hungry; sometimes she may be irritable because she isn't sure what the heck she wants. The best thing you can do to get through her crying spells is hold her and talk to her so that she knows you're responding to her needs. You can't spoil a new baby by holding her too much.

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