The Inside Story: Your Baby in Week Thirty-Nine

Your baby is ready to greet the world! His eyes are open and he might even have a full head of hair already.

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At last your baby is ready for the world. He's better-looking than ever, now that his facial features are fully formed, his eyes are open, and his ears stick out from his head. (Not like his grandfather's, you hope, but there's not much you can do about that now.) He may have a full head of hair, but don't be surprised if it's an unexpected color; many blond couples have dark-haired babies, while parents with dark hair may produce babies with nothing more than pale peach fuzz on their heads.

Your baby's body has grown enough to catch up with his head, which is now just one-fourth the size of his body instead of nearly as big as the rest of him as it was in your early weeks of pregnancy. One odd fact: Your baby's head and abdomen have the same circumference now, which makes it easier to understand why it's so tough sometimes to pull an article of clothing over a newborn's head.

In any case, your baby can forget the water ballets. He's so tightly packed inside your womb that he's literally shoving and kicking your organs to make space for himself. Luckily, it usually doesn't matter how big your baby is because his head can elongate and mold to your birth canal. This may make him a bit cone-headed and comical looking at birth, but never mind. His head will soon shape up to be just as lovely as the rest of him approximately 24 hours after delivery.

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