The ABCs of Daycare

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Daycare centers. If the daycare center has a high-quality staff, your child will probably develop an early zest for learning and great socialization skills. However, daycare centers can be financially out of reach for many parents of infants unless they're subsidized or associated with your workplace. That's because state laws require such small infant-to-caregiver ratios (as well they should) that rates charged for newborns can be double the rate charged for toddlers.


  • Trained staff
  • On-site perks for older infants and toddlers like art supplies, computers, toys
  • May be subsidized or convenient if affiliated with workplace
  • Structured routines make it easier to keep baby happy at home


  • Have to commute to daycare before commuting to work
  • Babies have to go with the center's nap and feeding schedule
  • May have waiting list

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