Will the Baby Fit?

Don't let rude comments or your own delivery fears make you worry that your baby won't be able to pass through your hips.

Your due date is fast approaching, bringing less-than-tactful comments about your size and impending birth experience. "Boy, with hips like that, your baby's going to fall right out of you," some women may hear, while others wince as "friends" tell them that they'll have to have a cesarean delivery because they're too slim for a baby to pass through the pelvic area.

Ignore these comments. It's impossible to tell how easily a woman will deliver by looking at her. Even if you have a large build, you may still have a narrow pelvis (which means your pelvic bones are close together) or an android pelvis (a pelvis shaped like a heart around the opening). Either of these features can make it harder for your baby to slide through. If you are a small woman, you may still have a generous-size pelvis.

Chances are that you, like more than 80 percent of women, have a perfectly adequate pelvis: well-rounded and now starting to loosen for childbirth, no matter how slim or broad you were before pregnancy. Determining "fit" depends on more than your pelvis too. "Fit" depends on the baby's size and the position of her head.

Originally published in You & Your Baby: Pregnancy.

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