Pregnancy Week 29

Learn how your baby is growing in week 29 and start evaluating your labor preferences, from the best positions for delivery to pain relief options.

Watch Your Baby's Growth

Sleep Cycles: Weeks 26 to 30 of Pregnancy
Sleep Cycles: Weeks 26 to 30 of Pregnancy

At this point, your baby is awake and asleep at very specific times of the day. Find out about his sleep patterns, and what they mean.

Your Changing Body

You may notice your breasts leaking at around week 29. It's usually only a few drops of a precursor to breast milk called colostrum--and although it's annoying, it's nothing to worry about.

Your Developing Baby

Your baby's kicks, punches, and love taps are getting stronger--as is baby's brainpower, as the part of the brain that determines intelligence and personality develops.

Your Pregnancy

You may feel fatigued and weak, but your baby is getting stronger than ever. That should be enough to motivate you to keep on keepin' on!

Your Week 29 To-Do List

1. Enjoy your baby shower!

An Inside Look

Take a unique look at Baby's development inside the womb this week.

Your Pregnancy Calendar

Organize your doctor's appointments, save your ultrasound photos, and more--all in one place!

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