Your Social Life

Keeping your social life alive and well while you're pregnant is important for your emotional health.

You can't drink alcohol, you feel too tired to stay out late, and you find it hard to listen to what others are saying because you're so focused on your baby. Pregnancy can certainly put a crimp in your social life, and that's perfectly normal. But spending time with your friends and family is still important. You need their support now, and you'll need it even more in a few months, after your baby is born.

Work around your limitations. If you dislike going out to a restaurant and nursing a club soda while everyone else is hoisting mugs of beer, meet your friends for a movie or a walk instead. If you have trouble keeping your eyes open past 9 p.m., invite friends over in the afternoon. And if all you can think about is babies, set up dates with new mothers and friends who are expecting. Or push yourself to talk about topics that aren't related to your baby -- sometimes it's good to step back from pregnancy and focus on other subjects for a while.

Originally published in You & Your Baby: Pregnancy.

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