Your Developing Baby: Week 25

What's going on with your baby in pregnancy week 25? Find out all about important pregnancy milestones and exciting fetal development specific to this week of pregnancy!

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While your baby-to-be still has several weeks to go before she's ready to meet you, she's begun to explore her home inside the womb. All of her senses are beginning to function. Taste buds appear on her tongue; her ears, now in their final position, can hear noises; and her eyes move rapidly under her still-closed eyelids.

For the most part you will be unaware of these explorations, but some you might notice -- especially your baby's responses to certain noises. For example, you might feel your baby jump in reaction to a loud sound, such as a car horn or your ringing alarm clock. She might wiggle and kick to music (although you won't have any idea whether she's a fan of what she hears or not!). Her movements might also increase when she hears your voice. Most likely, her movements will happen at regular intervals each day. In other words, she might have a schedule -- spending time awake and time asleep, just like you do. Hopefully her awake time doesn't fall during your time in bed!

Her sensory experiences and newfound nerve connections also extend to her fingers and toes. She might spend her time wiggling her toes or putting her fingers into her mouth. You might be able to see some of these movements on a sonogram image.

    Terms to Know

    Blink-startle response: In fetal development, when the unborn baby responds to loud noises with movement.

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