Combat forgetfulness with extra organization and paring down your to-do list.
Pregnancy Symptoms: How To Cope With Pregnancy Brain
Pregnancy Symptoms: How To Cope With Pregnancy Brain

The car keys have mysteriously disappeared for the third time this week. You stop at the grocery store for milk and come home with everything but, and you can't concentrate on the most mundane tasks at work. One of the most frequent complaints among pregnant women is that they "just space out." You aren't losing your mind, just the ability to focus.

It's usually temporary, but it's definitely a given with most pregnancies that you'll be in a bit of a fog. This is partly a result of hormones (are you tired of that word yet?) that are keeping your baby-making machinery humming. But it's also because you're turning your attention inward, imagining your baby asleep or feeling the happy patter of little feet on your belly or wondering again whether to name him after your father.

Organization can help. Make extra copies of your car, office, and house keys and give them to friends or carry them somewhere other than your ever-disappearing key ring. Carry a small notebook or electronic organizer in your purse and make a habit of checking it frequently. And edit down your to-do list to a manageable size. After all, learning to be content while getting less accomplished is one more step in preparing for your busy life as a new mother.

Originally published in You & Your Baby: Pregnancy.

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