The Inside Story: Your Baby in Week Twenty

Your baby's brain is developing this week, and she's nearly 10 inches long.

Your baby is really making himself known now, popping you with his feet or fists whenever he feels like turning or twisting around, which may seem to happen more at night than any other time of day. At this time, he still has plenty of room to perform somersaults. (Lucky you!)

At nearly 10 inches long, your baby is looking more human by the day. Specific areas in his brain are developing for each of his five senses, and his skin is now developing its various layers. Hair and nail growth continue too. An ultrasound might show him swallowing amniotic fluid, an action that helps his digestive system develop. Some researchers speculate that the amniotic fluid contributes nutrients to your developing baby.

Although your baby's lungs are still not quite developed enough for him to survive outside your body, you'll hear his heartbeat as a powerful whooshing sound during prenatal visits. It'll sound like a tiny racehorse coming home to the finish line.

    Originally published in You & Your Baby: Pregnancy.

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