Your Maternity Wardrobe

It might be time to invest in some comfortable new clothes, especially underwear and shoes.

Do you need a little retail therapy? Head out for some new maternity clothes, if you haven't already. Maternity fashions have improved significantly in the last few years, and you'll likely be surprised at the cute tops, dresses, and jeans you'll find. Some women love making this switch from their old clothing to their new "Look at me, I'm going to be a mom!" outfits, but others dislike it. Both feelings are normal.

Undergarments. As you borrow or buy new clothes, don't overlook what goes underneath. You're probably busting out of your old bras by now. Invest in two new bras that fit your expanding breasts. Select ordinary bras in larger sizes, if they're comfortable, or choose nursing bras, which offer roominess and support now and when you're breastfeeding. Try on several before deciding which feels best. Nursing bras can be expensive, and you don't want to get home and realize they don't fit.

If you wear pantyhose, you'll probably start outgrowing your prepregnancy hose if you haven't already. Some women find that maternity pantyhose are comfortable because they expand to fit a growing belly without binding at the waist; others just go up to the next size in their own preferred prepregnancy style. Try both to see what works best for you.

Shoes. Your shoes may be feeling tight soon. While it doesn't happen to all women, many find that their feet increase a half or full size during pregnancy. If you discover that the shoes that fit perfectly a few weeks ago now feel tight, buy or borrow new shoes. The last thing you need during pregnancy is blisters caused by too-tight shoes.

Proper fit is especially important in your exercise shoes. When buying new shoes for walking or jogging, go to a good shoe store with knowledgeable salespeople and have your feet measured. Choose a walking shoe if you walk and a running shoe if you run; walking shoes and running shoes are built differently, and wearing a running shoe to walk, or vice versa, can cause soreness in your legs and feet. Don't scrimp on exercise shoes. You want a style with plenty of cushioning because your feet are carrying more weight than they are accustomed to.

From the First to the Fourth Trimester
From the First to the Fourth Trimester

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