Your Partner's Emotional Journey

Your partner is experiencing many of the same roller coaster emotions you are. Try to understand his feelings and help him adjust to your changing lifestyle.

You've been grappling with the reality of pregnancy for many weeks now, filled with excitement, worn out by fatigue and morning sickness, supported by cheerleading friends and family members. But it may have taken until this trimester -- when your pregnant belly is starting to pop out -- to shock your partner into truly understanding that (soon!) there is a baby coming.

Your partner's emotional adjustment to your pregnancy will be similar to your own, marked by the same highs and lows that you've experienced in the past few months. For instance, many partners are so astounded by the physical changes brought on by pregnancy that they're alternately horrified and fascinated, especially when the baby's movements become visible. You may find that he has a newfound respect for you because of the many hardships youve endured so far.

Your blossoming body is no libido buster for your partner. In fact like most partners, yours may be excited by the changes in your pregnant body, even the seemingly unattractive changes such as bigger hips, dimpled thighs, and the new pregnancy posture you may adopt to balance your growing belly. Thanks to you (and the baby), your partner may start to form new ideas about what's beautiful and sexy in a woman.

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