Pregnancy Week 12

Read about how your baby is developing in week 12 and how to deal with sleep issues, nosebleeds, and more.

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Watch Your Baby's Growth

Embryo to Fetus: Weeks 9 to 12 of Pregnancy

You're well into your first trimester at this point, and your baby is growing bigger and bigger each day. Watch what it takes for her to become a fetus.

Your Changing Body

You've got a lot going on this week, mama-to-be! Your uterus has expanded enough to start showing a true baby bump, and there will likely be a little less pressure on your bladder; this means fewer trips to the bathroom. Your vision may blur slightly from fluid retention, which is normal, but give your doctor a heads-up just in case, as blurred vision can be a sign of other issues as well.

Your Developing Baby

Your baby's getting strong! You can't tell, but there's a lot of flexing muscles and rocking reflexes going on inside there, and she or she can feel when you put your hand on your tummy--but you won't be able to feel any kicking back just yet.

Your Pregnancy

This is around the time you may want to break the baby news to friends and family--and your boss! You're really starting to show, so unless you invest in some wearable tents, you won't be able to keep it a secret too much longer.

Your Week 12 To-Do List

1. Plan a babymoon vacation.

An Inside Look

Take a unique look at Baby's development inside the womb this week.

Your Pregnancy Calendar

Organize your doctor's appointments, save your ultrasound photos, and more--all in one place!

Everything in Pregnancy Week 12

More About Your Pregnancy in Week 12

Your Baby

Your Body

  • Preexisting High Blood Pressure

    Did you have high blood pressure before getting pregnant? Find out how this preexisting condition can affect you and your baby.

  • Stuffy Nose and Nosebleeds

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  • Uterine Fibroids

    Do you have a uterine fibroid? One in four women do. Learn how they may affect your pregnancy.

Your Self

Diet & Exercise

  • Pregnancy & Posture

    Pregnancy weight can take a toll on your back and posture. Try these simple tips to keep you standing tall.

  • It's Good to Snack

    Don't pass up snacks! Experts say pregnant women should absolutely plan to snack throughout the day. Find out why it is important and h...

  • Virgin Party Drinks

    Check out these ideas for delicious -- and safe -- nonalcoholic drinks. Cheers!

Q & A

  • Q&A: Falling and Other Injuries

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