Worries About Appearance

Although some women feel at their absolute best during pregnancy, others feel nothing short of frumpy. If you're one of the latter, these tips may help perk you up.

Some women glow with radiant beauty during pregnancy, but most have to put up with the acne, swollen ankles, stretch marks, and of course, gaining 20-30 pounds. It's no fun looking less attractive than usual, but most women chalk it up as the temporary price they have to pay to become mothers.

To make up for the swollen ankles and other annoyances, do things for yourself that make you feel pretty: Have a manicure or pedicure, buy a new outfit, have your brows waxed, or take advantage of the professional makeovers offered at department store cosmetic counters. A different palette of makeup might make you feel much more attractive.

Maternity clothes have become more fashionable during the past few years, and most stores offer something better than the polyester tents that were once a staple. If you can't find pretty maternity clothes, buy neutral or black clothing and dress it up with accessories.

If your concerns about your appearance, especially weight gain, cause you to eat less than you should or to exercise excessively, you may have an eating disorder, and you could be putting your baby in danger. Talk with your doctor.

Originally published in You & Your Baby: Pregnancy.

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