Pregnancy Week 11

Discover how your baby is developing in week 11 and why you may be experiencing migraines, pelvic pain, and aversions to foods you used to enjoy.

Watch Your Baby's Growth

Embryo to Fetus: Weeks 9 to 12 of Pregnancy
Embryo to Fetus: Weeks 9 to 12 of Pregnancy

You're well into your first trimester at this point, and your baby is growing bigger and bigger each day. Watch what it takes for her to become a fetus.

Your Changing Body

Chances are, this is when you'll first start to show, or at least feel a bit bloated--and your breasts are probably growing quite a bit, too. Embrace these changes! There's a lot of magic happening in there.

Your Developing Baby

Your baby can actually breathe underwater, and he or she is doing just that: Inhaling amniotic fluid to help develop strong lungs. Pretty amazing, right?

Your Pregnancy

Your little one isn't that little anymore--he or she is the size of a grapefruit now, so you've earned that tiny bit of belly pooch, mama!

Your Week 11 To-Do List

1. Moisturize your body to prevent itchy skin.

An Inside Look

Take a unique look at Baby's development inside the womb this week.

Your Pregnancy Calendar

Organize your doctor's appointments, save your ultrasound photos, and more--all in one place!

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