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When you look in the mirror these days, do you feel like you're back in high school? Pregnancy acne is common. Here are some tricks to help manage the symptoms.

You thought you put it all behind when you left high school, but here it is again: pimples, oily skin, and blotchiness. Pregnancy affects every inch of your body, including your hair and skin. These changes are caused by -- you guessed it -- pregnancy hormones. Some women develop a rosy, healthy glow; for everyone else, looking in the mirror is enough to cause a downward mood swing.

If your skin starts giving you trouble, don't automatically reach for the medications you used before pregnancy. Talk with your obstetrician about which skin treatments are safe because some can cause birth defects. If you do have a skin product in your medicine chest that worked well for you before pregnancy, take it with you to your next appointment and ask your doctor's opinion about its safety.

Originally published in You & Your Baby: Pregnancy.

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