Reacting to Your Pregnancy

Feeling anxious about your pregnancy? That's normal. But if you find yourself obsessing, here are some tips to help you find the support you need.

No matter how prepared you thought you and your partner were for parenthood, the reality of being pregnant may leave you alternately joyful, panicked, optimistic, resentful, giddy, or grief stricken about the approaching loss of freedom and increase in responsibility. Don't be surprised if your moods are all over the place during the first few months of pregnancy. Hormone surges can certainly influence your roller-coaster ride of emotions, as can fatigue and anxiety.

It's natural to feel worried about delivery, your job, your baby's health, your transition to motherhood, financial demands, and other concerns. You'll look at everything with a new and different perspective. One or both of you may worry that you?re not ready for parenthood after all. Understanding, resolving, and appreciating these thoughts and feelings are essential parts of growing into parenthood together.

A certain amount of anxiety is normal, but if you find yourself worrying excessively, discuss your fears with your partner, a family member, or a trusted friend. If high levels of anxiety continue, consider seeing a therapist or social worker. Your doctor can refer you to a good one who is familiar with pregnancy-related issues.

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