How Big Is Your Baby in Second Trimester?

Wonder how big your baby is now? Here's an approximate look at size, weight and height in the second trimester.

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Week 14

Baby's Length: 3.25-4 in.

Baby's Weight: 1-1.50 oz.

Baby's Size: Peach

All length measurements in the second trimester are considered crown to rump (head to butt) because your baby's still too small to get an accurate head-to-toe assessment.

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Week 16

Baby's Length: 4.5-5 in

Baby's Weight: 2.5- 3 oz..

Baby's Size: Rubber Ducky

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Week 17

Baby's Length: 4.5-5 in

Baby's Weight: 3-5 oz.

Baby's Size: Beanie Baby

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Shawn Vincent -

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Week 19

Baby's Length: 5.5 - 6 in.

Baby's Weight: 7-9 oz.

Baby's Size: Grapefruit

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Week 21

Baby's Length: 6.5-7.0 in.

Baby's Weight: 10-13 oz.

Baby's Size: Cantaloupe

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Week 22

Baby's Length: 7-7.5 in.

Baby's Weight: 1 lb.

Baby's Size: 1 lb. bag of coffee beans

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Week 23

Baby's Length: 7.5-8.0 in.

Baby's Weight: 1-1.25 lbs.

Baby's Size: Loaf of bread

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Uyen Le -

Week 24

Baby's Length: 8-8.5 in.

Baby's Weight: 1.25 - 1.5 lb.

Baby's Size: 1/2 Gallon of Milk

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Week 26

Baby's Length: 9-9.25 in.

Baby's Weight: 2 lb.

Baby's Size: Liter of soda

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Week 27

Baby's Length: 9.25-9.50 in.

Baby's Weight: 2-2.25 lbs.

Baby's Size: Sock Monkey

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