Fetal Development Weeks 9 Through 13

Week 11

Take a moment to celebrate with your baby this week: you've both reached a milestone. Risks of serous malformations drop sharply at this point in your pregnancy, and so do risks of miscarriage. The major work of generating organs, limbs, and other body parts is mostly finished. At this point, your baby has made the transition from embryo to fetus. Afloat in about 1.5 ounces of warm amniotic bathwater, he's now about as long as a paper clip -- and a lot more interesting! In less time than an average school semester, your baby has grown from a single-celled organism to a complex being made up of millions of differentiated cells. Now the process is less about bringing body parts into being and more about allowing those parts to grow and develop.

Each finger and toe is clearly visible now -- no more ducklike webbing -- and teeth are growing in tiny tooth sockets. The teeth will remain hidden at birth, only to poke out of baby's gums as some point in the first year, leading to those first adorable toothy grins and some nasty teething pains, too.

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