Fetal Development Weeks 9 Through 13

Week 10

Hooray! Your baby is almost ready to graduate! He's entered his final stage of embryonic development at this point, and within the next week he'll make the big leap from "embryo" to "fetus." All of his essential internal and external structures are in place; in other words, he has all of the same body components that you do. He's over one and one-quarter inches long now, or about the length of your index finger from its tip to the first joint.

The intestines, which had been developing inside the umbilical cord, have now begun slipping into the embryo's abdominal cavity. Genitalia are still nearly impossible to see by ultrasound.

Baby's tail has disappeared by now. His arms are stubby now, and his two hands can almost touch each other as they move in front of his bulging belly. The ears are almost fully developed, both on the outside of the head and in the inner ear. Taste buds are dimpling the surface of a miniscule tongue. Eyelids lay half-closed close over tiny eyes, which already have some of the color they'll have at birth.

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