Counting Fetal Movements

Check for fetal movements twice a day -- once in the morning and once in the evening (when baby tends to be more active) -- using these tips.

___ Look at the clock and begin counting every motion your baby makes.

___ When you've counted 10 movements, note the time.

___ Generally, you should notice 10 movements in 10 minutes, although it may take longer for your child to move, or for you to notice the activity.

___ Have a little snack if you haven't noticed that much activity; then try counting again.

___ If two hours pass without 10 movements, call your practitioner, just in case.

___ Make it a habit to check in regularly with your little one as your due date gets closer.

    Excerpted from the Ages & Stages weekly prenatal newsletter, Week 28.

    Fetal Movement During Pregnancy: When to Worry

      Originally published on, September 2005.

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