You or your doctor might request an amniocentesis to check on your growing baby. Here you'll learn about the risks, benefits, and the best time to have an amniocentesis administered.

Is It A Boy or A Girl?

You may not want to rely on just an ultrasound to determine the sex -- an amniocentesis is a more accurate test.

Should You Have an Amniocentesis?

Amnio can help diagnose chromosomal abnormalities, like Down Syndrome. Find out if you need this test.

Should You Get Amniocentesis?

This test can check for birth defects early in your pregnancy.

Q&A: Should I Have an Amnio?

Midwife Elizabeth Stein answers the question, Should I have an amniocentesis?

Risk of Miscarriage from Amnio Low

Study shows that amniocentesis, a test for genetic abnormalities in a fetus, is safer than we once thought.

Amniocentesis: One Woman's Story

For me, no risk of miscarriage was worth taking.