Doppler Monitor

What does the Doppler monitor do? What am I listening to?


The Doppler monitor showed two different sounds in the womb. Can you tell me what these different sounds are?


Using the Doppler machine, which looks like a small microphone, we can usually hear the heartbeat by 12 weeks. Of course, we can see it about six weeks before this with ultrasound.

To hear the baby's heartbeat with a stethoscope is usually more difficult and doesn't normally work until the third trimester.

The two different sounds that you hear on the Doppler most likely are the actual baby's heartbeat and your heartbeat, which is about half the rate of the baby's.

Also keep in mind that the sound you hear varies depending on where the doctor places the monitor. In other words, if the monitor is placed directly over the baby's heart, you will hear a cloppity-clop sound, like horse hooves. If the monitor is placed over the umbilical cord, you will hear a swoosh-swoosh sound. Both of these sounds are normal.

The only way to accurately diagnose twins is by ultrasound.

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