Real Moms' Kookiest Signs Of Pregnancy

You won't believe how these 18 women found out they were expecting!
woman holding pregnancy test

Thayer Allyson Gowdy

We all know the typical signs of pregnancy -- morning sickness, a missed period -- but some moms had more offbeat pregnancy symptoms that signaled it was time to take a pregnancy test -- whether or not medical science would agree! Here are some of the weirdest signs of pregnancy we've heard from moms-to-be.

My mother-in-law's dog would follow me and sit on my stomach. After Toby did that the third time, I bought a test. The dog knew before I did. -- Titi Nena

I ate a ton on Thanksgiving. I don't normally eat Thanksgiving food. -- Miriam Martinez

Food aversions and hunger. The two did not mix! -- Amber Rochelle

I'm pregnant with our fourth, and my husband has known every time before I did. It must have been the hormonal change. -- Tehra Alise Norris

My husband was nauseous for about a week. He got all the morning sickness and moodiness! -- Stephanie Wick

I drank a case of water in three days. Couldn't hydrate enough! -- Rebecca Mackey

I had a dream of my dad, who had passed away, holding a little girl that wasn't me. I took a test that morning and it came out positive. -- Shannon McMichael

I started eating hot stuff with chili and peppers. I hate anything close to hot, so I knew I had to take a test. -- Tyler Barkley

I had a bloody nose both times before I could even get a positive test result. -- Ashley Correlli

I went out one night and chose food over alcohol three times that night. On the way home I made my husband buy a test; I took it and? bam! We were pregnant. -- Vero Alcorta

I'm one of those who just "knew" and I've been right every time. Even with the one I'm pregnant with now, I took multiple tests that came up negative and I just knew I was pregnant. Finally, when I was about nine weeks along, one test up positive. -- Suzy Helm

I was extremely fatigued -- I was falling asleep standing up at work. -- Juana Salcido

All of a sudden I had a craving for Panda Express. I never had that before -- and I never ate there before. I usually wanted Thai or Indian food if I wanted Asian food...but it was so good! -- Chelsea Phillips

The weirdest thing that I had was excess saliva. I felt like I couldn't talk without spitting! -- Genevieve Powell

I could never use toothpaste without wanting to get sick so that's always a clue, and it's always right. -- Virginia Babiasz

I started hating my husband's cologne and my perfume, and I was so tired, no matter how much I slept. -- Nora Yasel Dominguez Gomez

I thought everything smelled like dirty feet! -- Heather McCormick

My best friend's 5-year-old said, "You have a baby in your belly." I went and got a test and, sure enough, it was positive! -- Christy Duprey

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