Real Moms' Kookiest Signs Of Pregnancy

You won't believe how these 18 women found out they were expecting!
woman holding pregnancy test

We all know the typical signs of pregnancy -- morning sickness, a missed period -- but some moms had more offbeat pregnancy symptoms that signaled it was time to take a pregnancy test -- whether or not medical science would agree! Here are some of the weirdest signs of pregnancy we've heard from moms-to-be.

My mother-in-law's dog would follow me and sit on my stomach. After Toby did that the third time, I bought a test. The dog knew before I did. -- Titi Nena

I ate a ton on Thanksgiving. I don't normally eat Thanksgiving food. -- Miriam Martinez

Food aversions and hunger. The two did not mix! -- Amber Rochelle

I'm pregnant with our fourth, and my husband has known every time before I did. It must have been the hormonal change. -- Tehra Alise Norris

My husband was nauseous for about a week. He got all the morning sickness and moodiness! -- Stephanie Wick

I drank a case of water in three days. Couldn't hydrate enough! -- Rebecca Mackey

I had a dream of my dad, who had passed away, holding a little girl that wasn't me. I took a test that morning and it came out positive. -- Shannon McMichael

I started eating hot stuff with chili and peppers. I hate anything close to hot, so I knew I had to take a test. -- Tyler Barkley

I had a bloody nose both times before I could even get a positive test result. -- Ashley Correlli

I went out one night and chose food over alcohol three times that night. On the way home I made my husband buy a test; I took it and? bam! We were pregnant. -- Vero Alcorta

I'm one of those who just "knew" and I've been right every time. Even with the one I'm pregnant with now, I took multiple tests that came up negative and I just knew I was pregnant. Finally, when I was about nine weeks along, one test up positive. -- Suzy Helm

I was extremely fatigued -- I was falling asleep standing up at work. -- Juana Salcido

All of a sudden I had a craving for Panda Express. I never had that before -- and I never ate there before. I usually wanted Thai or Indian food if I wanted Asian food...but it was so good! -- Chelsea Phillips

The weirdest thing that I had was excess saliva. I felt like I couldn't talk without spitting! -- Genevieve Powell

I could never use toothpaste without wanting to get sick so that's always a clue, and it's always right. -- Virginia Babiasz

I started hating my husband's cologne and my perfume, and I was so tired, no matter how much I slept. -- Nora Yasel Dominguez Gomez

I thought everything smelled like dirty feet! -- Heather McCormick

My best friend's 5-year-old said, "You have a baby in your belly." I went and got a test and, sure enough, it was positive! -- Christy Duprey

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