How to Tell Your Boss You're Pregnant

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Sometimes your boss discovers the news, or even predicts it:

"I interviewed for a nanny position when I was five months pregnant. They asked me if I ever planned on having kids. I answered, 'Yes, in about four months!'"
--London Nicole Martinez, Osceola, Indiana

"My boss noticed that I had been gaining weight and asked if I was pregnant."
--Sarah Leiberick, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

"I thought I had the flu and my boss thought I was pregnant. She sent me home with a pregnancy test and, when I came in the next day, she was waiting for the exciting news."
--Stacey L. McBride, Redmond, Oregon

"My boss told a few of my coworkers that I was pregnant with a little girl -- when I was about three weeks along! I didn't even know yet! He thinks he's psychic."
--Monique Renee, Woodbury, New Jersey

"My boss saw me carrying a box of doughnuts and a container of ice cream to the break room and she knew."
--Leslie Swanigan-Woodward, Bronx, New York

Sometimes, props come in handy:

"I called my boss into the bathroom at work and showed her my pee stick!"
--Karla Ruiz, Pittsburg, California

"I waited until I was three months along, then brought cupcakes with baby decorations on them into work."
--Jennifer Phillips, Estero, Florida

"At the time, my mom was my boss. I bought her a bib that said, 'What Happens At Grandma's, Stays At Grandma's!'"
--Toni Lardizabal Keltner, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

"I slid the sonogram across the desk and said, 'Guess what!'"
--Katie Schlake, Roanoke, Virginia

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