How to Tell Your Boss You're Pregnant

Real moms dish on the straightforward, funny, and sometimes accidental ways they shared their big news at work.

Sometimes, the big reveal is unavoidable:


Bryan MCay

"My boss was there when I got the call from the doctor."
--Christina Hacker Daley, Dayton, Ohio

"I left work a couple of hours early one day to go to a doctor's appointment, and I had to bring in a doctor's note the next day. When they saw it was from my OB, I told them."
--Meaghan Hughes, Hillsboro, Missouri

"I was so sick some days, there was no hiding it."
--Barbie Bagley, Agawam, Massachusetts

"I told my boss at six weeks because I worked as a vet tech and had to take X-rays of the animals. My boss knew before my family!"
--Deanna Campbell, Moscow, Idaho

Sometimes, a straightforward approach is the way to go:

"I walked into my boss's office three months before I was due and said, 'We need to talk about maternity leave!'"
--Amanda Jones, Selma, California

"I waited until I was 20 weeks along and said, 'Just to let you know, I'm pregnant. I'm due in January, and I plan to work up until then.'"
--Jess Lavoie, El Paso, Texas

"I found out I was pregnant the day after I got hired and told my boss on my first day of work."
--Meghan Scott, Anderson, South Carolina

"I called my boss and said, 'I'm in the emergency room. They're putting me on bed rest.'"
--Heather Byrd, Mechanicsville, Virgina

"I worked in a daycare and, when I was three months along, I told my boss, 'You're going to have a new enrollment in a few months.'"
--Connie Quinones, Justice, Illinois

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