How Rude: Handling Unwanted Pregnancy Comments

"Haven't you had that baby yet?"

"When are you due?" is usually one of the first things people say after they find out you're pregnant. It seems well-wishers are almost as excited about that magical date as you are. But when your due date has come and gone with no indication that your little one is ever going to make her appearance, responding to incredulous comments about your still very pregnant state can be exhausting and even upsetting.

Stop it by: Mentioning that your baby isn't necessarily late. Estimating due dates is not an exact science, which is why the majority of babies are born between 38 and 42 weeks gestation and only 5 percent arrive on their actual due date. You can sprinkle in a little humor by saying, "I guess he's content where he is" or "I love being pregnant so much I decided to put off delivering for another month."

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