Checklist: Equipping Your Kitchen for Life After Baby

It's never too late to equip your kitchen or start preparing home-cooked meals. Here are some suggestions to get you started, from the authors of The One-Armed Cook.

All Those Little Things

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If you haven't bothered to stock a kitchen with basic equipment, stop by your nearest home center store -- there's likely to be one near the baby store where you've been spending so much time and money lately. This list is rather daunting -- don't be intimidated. Add to your current stock one or a few pieces at a time and, before long, you'll be well equipped. Better still, add a piece of equipment to your baby shower wish list -- a slow cooker will be a lot more useful than a baby wipes warmer!

Utensils and Gadgets

___ Wooden chopping board
___ Plastic or glass chopping board
___ Set of four nesting stainless steel mixing bowls
___ Set of three nesting glass mixing bowls
___ One large plastic mixing bowl with pouring spout
___ Kitchen timer
___ Oven thermometer
___ Can opener
___ Kitchen shears
___ Strainer/colander
___ Tongs
___ Wire whisk
___ Long-handled slotted spoon
___ Long-handled wooden spoon
___ Long-handled stainless steel spoon
___ Rubber spatula (for scraping bowls)
___ Flat spatula (for turning pancakes)
___ Pastry brush (for basting)
___ Ladle
___ Glass measuring cup with handle and pouring spout
___ Plastic dry-measure cups
___ Stainless steel measuring spoons
___ Pizza-cutting wheel
___ Under-counter jar opener
___ Freezer-safe storage containers with lids
___ Freezer-safe resealable plastic bags
___ Heavy-duty plastic wrap
___ Heavy-duty aluminum foil


___ Paring knife
___ 8-inch chef's knife
___ 10-inch slicing knife
___ Serrated bread knife

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