Sweet Memories: The Benefits of a Pregnancy Journal

What to Write About

Breaking the News

Describe the scene when you found out you were pregnant. Was it something you were anticipating, or more of a surprise? How did you tell your partner? Don't forget to include the best reactions you received from your friends and family when you first shared the excitement.

Your Changing Body

Chart your baby's development as well as your own. Record big moments from doctor visits, such as how you felt when you first heard his heartbeat. Discuss your physical experiences too, from the odd foods you craved (peanut butter and pickles, anyone?) to your weirdest symptoms (like drooling all the time!).

Picking a Name

Discuss how you chose the perfect one. Was your little one named after a relative or a friend? What were you considering before you found out your baby's sex? Did you and your husband immediately agree on a name or did one of you have to lobby long and hard for the winner?

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