10 Movies to Watch When You're Expecting

Sugar Town

Sugar Town

Rated: R

Year: 1999

Cast: Ally Sheedy, Rosanna Arquette

This quirky independent film explores creativity and self-realization in the intersecting lives of Californian artists, idols, and dreamers. Sheedy is brilliant as a neurotic production designer having trouble giving birth. Arquette is poignantly affecting as a formerly hot actress who finds new purpose as a stepmom when her husband discovers a former groupie on his doorstep -- along with the son he fathered on tour.

What Parents Like: '80s music fans will happily recognize Duran Duran's John Taylor, Power Station's Michael Des Barres, and Spandau Ballet's Martin Kemp in the roles of aging, legendary glam-rockers looking to make a comeback.

Parenting 101: Pregnancy can be the most creative power of all. Witness the glowing Lucinda Jenney, whose earth mother subtly demonstrates that expectant moms can be babes, especially in fake L.A.

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